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Original price was: $8,090.00.Current price is: $7,541.00.

The C9300X-12Y-A is a modern switch that was made for today’s networks and data management. This particular switch comes with 12 ports with other features. Which makes it favorable for moments where a company wants to extend its existing network. The C9300X-12Y-A Switch is designed with features that enhance speed, security and manageability in organizations. Thus being suitable for small organizations and large organizations as well.

The C9300X-12Y-A is a Catalyst 9300 switch model by Cisco. These models are available with 12 ports of 25G/10G/1G SFP28. It is part of the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series, which offers flexible use choice, including small to medium-sized businesses, projects branches, and campuses. The switch includes advanced security features and is powered by Cisco’s IOS XE software.




Original price was: $8,090.00.Current price is: $7,541.00.

This switch has been designed to ensure that it meets the requirements of the new generation applications. That requires the handling of large volumes of data and the flow of digital processes. In terms of scalability and performance, the C9300X-12Y-A comes loaded with features supporting high data rate transfer and low latency. Furthermore, its security mechanisms shield switches against cyber disasters and any external by standing users, ensuring security of data.

When it comes to the management solution, the C9300X-12Y-A provides ease in this aspect to oversee every operational process and control the network. From basic configuration protocols to complex intelligent statistics, this switch ensures that your network is well managed. In conclusion, the C9300X-12Y-A is a good switch which offers connectivity for modern businesses in different settings.

Quick Spec

Spec of the C9300X-12Y-A.=

Product Code C9300X-12Y-A
Manufacturer Cisco
Type Network Switch
Ports 12 x 25G/10G/1G SFP28
Uplinks Modular
Software Network Advantage

Product Features

  • Flexibility: 12 ports of 25G/10G/1G SFP28 and modular uplinks provide a variety of connectivity options.
  • Security: Advanced security features such as secure boot, Trustworthy Systems, MACsec, and other capabilities.
  • Efficiency: Supports Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and lower power consumption.
  • Scalability: Designed to scale as network demands grow, with high-density stacking capabilities.

C9300X-12Y-A Product Specifications

  • Model: C9300X-12Y-A
  • Product Description: The third model is Catalyst 9300 series switch of 12-port 25G/10G/1G SFP28 connections with modular uplink Network Advantage.
  • Ethernet Ports: What is more, it has 12 x SFP28 ports that guarantees the free configuration as well as high-speed transmission of data for different applications.
  • Uplink Slots: Easy-to-swap uplink slots allow for the flexibility of combining uplink ports based on the application requirements.
  • Uplink Speeds: Uplink transmission speeds of 25G, 10G, 1G is provided which makes it able to cater for the different networks requirements and capacities.
  • Switching Capacity: This device has the capability of switching at the rate of 480 gigabits per second to enable fast data traffic and improve its function within a network.
  • Forwarding Rate: It has an ability to transmit data at a rate of 357. When used, it can transmit as many as 14 million packets per second (Mpps), so the chances of the passage of packets are high.
  • Power Supply: It has inbuilt power supply since all these aspects within the switch require power for them to operate.
  • Dimensions: Slim profile of 17:5 x 16. 1 x 1. This transmitter is 7 inches in dimension to enable easy fitting especially in networking applications.
  • Weight: Weighs 13. 9 lbs, they are not very heavy and can be easily installed and maneuvered, thus, making the equipment highly portable.
  • Operating Temperature: It works under the operational temperature ranging from 23 F to 113 F in order to provide safety in all environmental conditions.
  • Operating Humidity: Thus, it operates its relative humidity within a range of 10% to 90% in order to accommodate a wide range of relative humidity in the deployment environment.
  • OS: Works on Cisco IOS XE, a gendered and advanced switching network operating system used in the management and configuration of the devices.

Product Applications

  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: Provides secure and scalable connectivity options.
  • Enterprise Branches: Delivers enterprise-grade performance and security.
  • Campuses: Handles high-density deployments with advanced security features.
  • C9300X-12Y-A Datasheet

Spec of the C9300X-12Y-A

Product Code C9300X-12Y-A
Manufacturer Cisco
Type Network Switch
Ports 12 x 25G/10G/1G SFP28
Uplinks Modular
Software Network Advantage

C9300X-12Y-A Specifications


Model C9300X-12Y-A
Product Description Catalyst 9300 12-port 25G/10G/1G SFP28 with modular uplinks, Network Advantage
Ethernet Ports 12 x SFP28
Uplink Slots Modular
Uplink Speeds 25G/10G/1G
Switching Capacity 480 Gbps
Forwarding Rate 357.14 Mpps
Power Supply Internal
Dimensions 17.5 x 16.1 x 1.7 in.
Weight 13.9 lbs
Operating Temperature 23 to 113F
Operating Humidity 10 to 90%

C9300X-12Y-A FAQ’s


Q. How do I install the C9300X-12Y-A switch?

A. The lettering on the C9300X-12Y-A switch is fairly intuitive and the main installation guide is clear and easy to follow. It supports rack mounting, which means that it can be easily installed and incorporated within the existing network. The modular uplinks also designed in such a way that can fit various positions depending on the state of the network.

Q. Can I upgrade the C9300X-12Y-A switch?

A. Yes, the C9300X-12Y-A switch is upgradable to the next levels to make your network ready for the future applications. It can be applied with software upgrades to embrace new features and enhancements so that your network remains accurate and optimal.

Q. What are some basic things that could be done in managing the C9300X-12Y-A switch in case it is not working properly?

A. The first thing that should be described if there is a problem with the C9300X-12Y-A switch is to check over all of the physical connections to make sure it has been plugged in correctly. You can analyse the switch logs with any messages like error messages and there is always the user manual that could help with corrections. If this continues, one may have no option than to turn to the technical support department.

Q. What makes the C9300X-12Y-A switch different from other similar switches?

A. Based on the information above, it can be concluded that Elliott has chosen the right type of switch for its network – the C9300X-12Y-A has more features and is more versatile compared to other competitors of the same model. This offers more ports, supports faster connectivity, and has modular uplinks for connection enhancements in the future without maximum disruptive connection changes. Moreover, it is worthwhile to have a closer look at the features of the Network Advantage software; specifically, it offers better security and superior network features.


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