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Cisco Microphones

If you are interested in having clear speech in the on-line meetings or conferences, you have to use Cisco conferencing microphones. Well, with these mics it can record sound from any direction so all the voices can be listened to. Within the means of communication, they have state-of-the-art radio communication systems that reduce background interference and noise. There are various kinds of Cisco conference mic to cater for all sorts of rooms and the layout of the room. Two, they are easy to install and operate; thus, accessible to any business. 

These microphones can be interfaced with Cisco videoconferencing systems to allow a smooth flow of conversation. The various conferencing mics in Cisco conferencing ensure that the users get the best possible quality of sound without interrupts. It makes meetings more productive and efficient. Cisco has a microphone for all spaces including huddle room, large conference room, and even large conference centers. Cisco mics will make your conferences better so you could hear the people plainly.

Cisco Microphones Benefits 

  • Digital in-meeting assistant: Voice activated, Webex Assistant is your personal helper during a meeting, which reminds you of notes, highlights needed to review, and other follow-ups.
  • Transcriptions and translations: Meeting translation services in real-time with interpretation in more than one hundred languages – can help the hearing-impaired.
  • Meeting highlights, action items: Just make a point, or tell Webex Assistant to briefly note it down herself. Key points will also be automatically captured when the input string contains special trigger words.
  • Meeting recording transcripts: Boss, could you track your meeting so that after the meeting you will get some of the text as well as content in PPT for presentation.
  • Keep everyone in the loop: Easily modify notes, summaries, and all the files from the meeting and share them with others if it is needed. Follow up your meetings by sending email reports of the follow-ups and action items for all parties or to certain people only.
  • Cross-meeting search: Just as it is easy to find a specific document in a file list, Webex makes your navigating through recordings a piece of cake; whether it’s navigating through one recording or through all your recordings, you can input a keyword of your choice and Webex will find that exact point in the recording that corresponds to your keywords. 

Cisco Microphones Types

  • Cisco Table Microphone is an Analogue microphone product for Cisco Video Conferencing Systems and is an omnidirectional device. It is suitable for general use in all round small to large coverage independent table or mobile table setting. Cisco Table Microphone comes with two types of clipping connectors: mini jack, and Euroblock. It is also visually attractive as it can be set in the table or just lie on a magnetic table pad to make the tables clean.
  • Ceiling Microphone is a premium, affordable and versatile directional microphone that can be used in larger contexts such as in training/demotion rooms and auditorium, where the microphone is mounted in the ceiling leaving the tabletop space unused.
  • The new addition to Cisco’s portfolio is the latest Cisco Table Microphone Pro – another conferencing microphone that is developed to enhance the capabilities of Cisco video collaboration systems and Cisco room kits by offering efficient speech capture and enhanced audio processing capabilities. The technical features that can be used in a multi-directional pickup pattern of participant voices, as well as it can deliver multiple full-quality audio streams. The Table Microphone Pro is capable of determining whether the speaker is to the left or right of the table and then utilizing special sound-cancellation to rid the voice of interfering noise from the surrounding environment. To far-end participants it offers a more realistic vision which they prefer. This means it is powered by Audio over IP, and thereby allowing for increased scalability options, centralized management through a single interface in Control Hub, and integration directly with your Cisco video products. It comes with clean design Offering easy cable management and c-clip mounting for higher flexibility and lower implementation charges.

Use Cases 

  1. They are used in schools so that the teachers and students can communicate effectively with each other with no any hassle.
  2. Many organizations adopt Cisco mics for conference calls so that employees in various areas may not feel separated and cannot perform their assignments effectively.
  3. It enables successful webinars and online training because with Cisco conferencing microphones , everyone can hear everything.
  4. These microphones are also beneficial in healthcare settings because they help people, patients, doctors, as well as nurses to communicate easily.
  5. Currently, many law firms rely on Cisco microphones when organizing depositions and other virtual hearing to ensure that the discussion is captured properly.
  6. Cisco conferencing microphones are required for remote presentations because they give sound for conversation in matters that may involve interviewing or evaluating candidates for a particular position.

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