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The RG-S7805C is part of the Ruijie Switches series, designed to be a next-generation 5-slot chassis campus core switch. With its main chassis consisting of 5 slots, including 2 engine slots and 3 service slots, it offers high-performance and flexibility to meet the evolving networking needs of modern businesses.

Product Features:

1. High Scalability: The RG-S7805C provides flexible expansion options with its 5-slot chassis, allowing businesses to easily scale their network infrastructure as their needs grow.

2. Advanced Performance: Equipped with powerful engines, this switch delivers exceptional performance, ensuring seamless data transmission and low latency.

3. Enhanced Connectivity: With a variety of interface options, including 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet ports, the RG-S7805C provides high-speed connectivity for demanding applications.

4. Intelligent Traffic Management: This switch incorporates advanced traffic management features, such as Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic prioritization, to optimize network performance.

5. Robust Security: The RG-S7805C offers comprehensive security mechanisms, including access control lists (ACLs) and port security, to protect against unauthorized access and ensure data privacy.

6. Easy Deployment and Management: Its user-friendly interface and intuitive management tools simplify the configuration and management process, reducing the workload for IT administrators.

Key Advantages:

1. Highly scalable and adaptable for future network expansions.

2. Exceptional performance for handling bandwidth-intensive applications.

3. Improved network efficiency and reliability with intelligent traffic management.

4. Enhanced network security to safeguard sensitive information.

Product Applications:

1. Enterprise Networks: The RG-S7805C is ideal for large-scale enterprise networks, providing a reliable and high-performance backbone for seamless connectivity between departments and data centers.

2. Educational Institutions: With its advanced features and scalability, this switch can meet the networking demands of academic institutions, supporting reliable internet connectivity and efficient data transfer.

3. Service Providers: The RG-S7805C is a suitable choice for service providers, enabling them to deliver reliable and high-speed internet services to their customers.


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