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The Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches have network modules like the C9300-NM-4G module that can be added to the uplink ports as an option. This module, which can be found by its part number and product code, has four 1G ports for better connection. The C9300-NM-4G is not part of the usual switch configuration, but it makes the Catalyst 9300 Series Switch more flexible by adding more networking features. 

This network module is designed to work seamlessly with Cisco’s Catalyst 9300 Series Switch. It gives businesses and organizations more networking choices and lets them customize the settings on their switches to meet their needs. The module’s four 1G ports give you more bandwidth and options for adding different devices and building out your network. 

The C9300-NM-4G helps make networks in the Cisco Catalyst ecosystem more efficient and reliable, whether it’s used in small to medium-sized businesses or bigger corporations.



Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $270.00.

C9300-NM-4G Datasheet 

  • Part Number: C9300-NM-4G
  • Product Description: 4x 1G Network Module for 9300 Series IP Video Endpoints.
  • Supported Devices: Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches – 9 References – Solution Essays.
  • Ports: Two 1G ports for interfaces 1 and 2 1G.
  • Compatibility: The product is introduced and it is geared towards Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches in specifics.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Has more unused ports for uplink because it has more links and hence it has an increase for the offer.
  • Flexibility: This allows configuration of switches in a business context for specific requirements.
  • Bandwidth: Increases the rate of data that travels through the “channel” as compared to other networks.
  • Reliability: Enables necessary operation at the networks in the Cisco catalyst environment.
  • Versatility: It can work well in any size of firm or organization or in any corporation.


More information on this HPE J9728A.

C9300-NM-4G Module

The four valid ports on the C9300-NM-4G 9300 series network module are set up as GigabitEthernet1/1/1 through GigabitEthernet1/1/4. These connections work with Gigabit Ethernet and are ready to be used. You should not use the other four ports on the module, even though they are there.

Users can get the best performance and avoid any problems that might come up if they use the inactive ports by sticking to the four legal interfaces. It is suggested that you stick to this setting to keep the network setup consistent and effective.

c9300 FAQs

Q. Can C9300-NM-8X support 1G?

A. The C9300-NM-8X network module is made to work with 1G networks, so yes. For connecting, it has eight 1G SFP/SFP+ ports and works with the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series switches.

Q. What are the advantages of using the C9300-NM-4G network module compared to other similar products?

A. The C9300-NM-4G module provides cost-effective and scalable 1G Ethernet connectivity, specifically designed for the Catalyst 9300 series switches. Its robust performance, easy installation, and flexibility make it an ideal choice for network expansion.

Q. How does the C9300-NM-4G module compare to other network modules in terms of cost-effectiveness?

A. The C9300-NM-4G module offers a cost-effective solution for 1G Ethernet connectivity in the Catalyst 9300 series. Compared to higher-capacity modules, it provides better value for installations that primarily require 1G bandwidth.

Q. How much power does a C9300 use?

A. The power consumption of a Cisco Catalyst 9300 switch can range from around 100 to 500 watts.

Q. How to install a C9300-NM-4G? 

A. Following is a c9300-nm-4g installation guide by Top Paragon Resources

Step 1

Put on your wrist one of the ESD-prohibitive wrist bracelets and hook up that wrist to the earth-ground surface.

Step 2

Unwrap the module from the shipping materials.

Step 3

Unplug the blank module from the switch and stash it away.

Caution: The correct orientation of the module before installation should be verified. Illegal installation can cause damage to the module.

Caution: Redundant path detection can also cause a module interface to appear as error-disabled. If a network module is installed or removed from the system with fiber-optic cable attached to it. The interface becomes error-disable when the interface is disabled using the shutdown and no shutdown interface commands.

Step 4

Turn the modular face up when mounting the module into the module slot. Place the module in the slot; turn the module until the screw touches the chassis. Screw in the captive screws to lock the network module in place.

Step 5

When installing a C9300 network module ensure that the side of the module faces up while you are inserting the module into the slot. Insert the module to the slot until the screw pushes down in contact with the chassis. Tighten the captive screws to lock the network module in the machine.

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Table 1 shows the quick spec.

Part Number C9300-NM-4G
Product Description 9300 Series 4x 1G Network Module
Supported Devices Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switch

Compare to Similar Items

Table 2 shows the comparison between C9300-NM-4G and C9300-NM-2Q.

Product Code C9300-NM-4G C9300-NM-2Q
Product Description 9300 Series 4x 1G Network Module Catalyst 9300 2 x 40GE Network Module
Supported Devices Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switch Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switch

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